Welcome to this section of our new website where every three months we will provide an overview of the hottest topic on our customer’s minds and provide details on our strategy for working with them to resolve this issue.

Our first hot topic is Product Innovation as over the past three months we have been involved in a range of projects where the exceptional level of creativity of both our customers and distributors along with their willingness and ability to push not only the boundaries of the products and services we provide but also our ingenuity has been astounding.

While over ninety per cent of our customer’s requirements have been met by the standard products within our portfolio, we have also had to develop bespoke hardware and software and in all cases such developments have been at a cost far cheaper than our customer’s imagined, offered substantially more value and with a promise that unit costs will reduce in the future.

Common to all engagements is an ever increasing understanding of our customers of the benefits of remote monitoring, management and control, the wide ranging capability of our hardware, systems and software, the ability to substantially reduce solution complexity and cost while simultaneously and significantly improving service reliability.

Over the coming weeks we will provide you with examples of how we assisted our customers with innovative product development so stay tuned and watch this space!

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