IM3 Hardware – Innovative Technology for Industry

Our IM3 product range supports a variety of industrial applications (e.g. tank level, power systems and ship cargo monitoring, dam control, mining safety as well as asset and vehicular tracking) and can be integrated with electronic peripherals such as cameras, security equipment, lasers as well as existing industrial systems hardware.

Sarmat Donetsk PressTour 28/04/2009

Being designed to operate in highly complex monitoring environments, IM3 products provide an extremely cost effective solution for industry as units within the range can monitor up to 170 sensory parameters simultaneously and when used with our Industrial Monitoring Software (IMS) provides users with the ability to control and monitor industrial systems and respond to alerts using laptops or smart devices.

For more information on how our IM3 product range can meet your industrial monitoring management and remote control requirements please contact us using the contact details provided.