IM2 Hardware – Smart Building and Energy Management Technology

With the cost of utility and in particular energy services continually rising, the challenge for building and facilities managers is to provide building occupants with a safe and controlled working environment, implement the appropriate emergency systems while simultaneously reducing the operational costs and carbon footprints of the buildings for which they are responsible.

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To assist building managers in meeting these objectives we have designed our IM2 hardware products to operate cost effectively in complex monitoring environments such as industrial or commercial buildings.

These products are capable of monitoring and controlling HVAC, Security, Smoke Control and Ventilation Systems, Utility Meters, HMIs, as well as Programmable logic controllers (PLCS) and when used with our Building and Energy Analytic Monitoring Software (BEAMS) provide users with the centrally integrated, real time information they require to maintain the energy efficient and smooth operation of their building portfolios.

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