Product Design Services

Increasingly, companies are becoming more specific regarding their requirements for remote monitoring, management and control systems, the solutions for which often cannot be readily provided by off-the-shelf systems. Meeting these requirements therefore requires the design and development of new or bespoke products and services.

Furthermore, it can also be possible to significantly extend the life of existing and often very expensive equipment by enhancing their control hardware and electronics at a fraction of the cost required to invest in totally new replacement equipment.

IBEXIS TECHNOLOGIES has over fifteen years’ experience in providing customised hardware and software product design services and working closely with our clients, we have provided product design solutions for the vending, environmental, industrial equipment and building industries.

Our solutions not only meet our customers technical and business design specifications but offer value for money and can be future proofed. Additionally, customers who also use our Manufacturing Support Services are provided with assistance they require manufacturing any newly enhanced or reversed engineered hardware.

For more information on our Product Design Services and how we can assist you please contact a member of our sales team using the contact details provided.