Asset Tracking

In today’s highly competitive and fast paced commercial world, the inability to locate and track key assets in real time can have a major impact on an organisations’ supply chain, customer satisfaction and financial health. Relying on manual or semi-automated systems for tracking and monitoring purposes is often not appropriate or a false economy as such approaches risk valuable items being unchecked hence make them vulnerable to unauthorised removal or create delays in the logistics process.

Package tracking barcode being read by a scanner.

By using RFID technology in combination with our Products and Services, our client solutions not only provides companies with the means their key track key assets but also an automated update and alert when these are moved out of designated areas or break supply chains processes without the appropriate authorisation.

For more details on how our asset tracking solutions can be used to reduce shrinkage and improve the accuracy of both your inventory and asset security please contact a member of our sales team using the contact details provided.