Power System and Equipment Monitoring

Incorrectly installed, inefficient or poorly maintained power systems and industrial equipment can often lead to unexpected and unnecessarily expensive energy bills or an unsafe working environment. Therefore,  being able to continually measure the instantaneous and average consumption of power systems and high energy rated equipment not only minimises energy costs, but has the added benefit possibly identifying potential operational issues where preventative maintenance could remove the need for costly repairs or increased equipment down time in the future.

Solar Panel With High Voltage Tower in Background

At IBEXIS TECHNOLOGIES our solutions are cost effective and have been proved to reduce maintenance costs and provides users with the real time operational information that they require in order to ensure the smooth of efficient running of their power plant and equipment.

For more information on how power system and equipment monitoring can reduce your organisations energy consumption and carbon foot print please download our brochure or contact a member of our sales team using the contact information provided.