Buildings and Energy Solutions

building-solutionsThe continuous rise of cost of fossil fuels and utility services, the threat of global warming and the need to ensure the safety and security of occupants requires buildings operate at maximum efficiency at all times. However, to achieve this objective, Buildings and Facilities Managers require instant access to relevant real-time information as well as the ability to remote control building systems.

Based on our IM2 Hardware Range and Building and Energy Management Software (BEAMS), our solutions enable the cost effective monitoring, control and management of Utility Meters (Smart and Pulse), HVAC, Smoke Control, Security and Power Systems (both conventional and renewable), Internal Building Environments, HMIs, and PLCs.

solar panels on the roof of modern skyscraperBeing reliable and extremely cost effective, our solutions have also been proven to reduce organisational carbon footprints and maintenance costs and due to their open systems architecture design are readily integrated with existing building management systems thereby maximising previous infrastructure and system investments.

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