Our Vision and Mission

Our vision at IBEXIS TECHNOLOGIES is to “Make the World a Better Place using Monitoring Technology” as we strongly and passionately believe that using this technology will enable the better use of scarce resources, increase productivity, better protect our planet and environment within which we live and maximise the time that we are able to spend with our friends and colleagues.

This belief is also embodied in our motto and slogan which is to “Control your world, where ever you are.”

IBEXIS TECHNOLOGIES’ mission is “To be recognised as the world’s leading provider of innovative, remote monitoring and control solutions as well as sensory network technology, applications, products and services”.

To achieve this objective we will:

  1. Design and develop world leading, state of the art, products and services that remotely monitor, control and manage systems, equipment and processes.
  2. Form Strategic Partnerships with specialist companies who can add substantial value to our customers’ business and activities
  3. Build, leverage and offer world class support to our Alliance Partner Network
  4. Provide Customer Service Excellence.

By embarking on this mission we believe that we are at start of an exciting journey that will benefit all our customers and the wider society in which we operate.