About Us

IBEXIS TECHNOLOGIES is a leading provider of innovative sensory networking, remote data acquisition, monitoring and control products, systems and solutions.

We have clients in a variety of industries including the Environmental, Building and Construction, Energy and Industrial sectors and they utilise our expertise to:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • Significantly Reduce Operational Costs
  • Improve Health and Safety in the Work Place
  • Lower their Organisation’s Carbon Footprint
  • Execute their CSR Strategies
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Capable of supporting a variety of lead industry specific protocols, our solutions are used to remotely monitor and control industrial equipment (e.g. HMI’s and PLCs), sensors, probes as well as management and supervisory systems.

Having an open systems approach enables our solutions to not only readily integrate into existing customer environments, but also extends (and often enhances) the capability of on-site systems to remote users who can securely access, control and monitor such systems using their laptop or smart device and also receive any relevant warnings and alerts.

Our product and services portfolio is comprised of our IM SERIES Hardware and Systems product range, Enterprise Monitoring Software Suite, Managed Services, System Integration Services and Hardware and Software Product Development expertise.

To find out more about us and our product and services please contact us on +44 (0) 1491 352 342 or email us at sales@ibexis.com